Wandering through the Ages

With the big changes coming up, I decided to hold off on solving Ages. I did finish Eder Kemo/Gira because I needed to see if my Relto was unstable – been inexplicably linked out after collecting a Bahro Pole…. but it worked!! I’m so happy. I am seeing optical illusions around the Well, however, so I recorded what I saw to show to the DRC. I don’t know how receptive they’ll be, since they don’t formally acknowledge the existence of Relto in the first place.

Finally, I went to the Cavern to tell people about the big changes that will be happening. I felt like the town crier! Seeing that CNN shirt in my wardrobe made me think of something: Creating a Cavern News Network – This could be a neighborhood who informs people of events in-game, and records significant events and chats. We could even do interviews and get it to where every neighborhood has at least one CNN member, so important occurrences everywhere could be documented. I envision the D’ni Press to be witnesses to every major event in the caverns and beyond. I need to start this now, to get these events recorded!


~ by Kestr'l on December 16, 2006.

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