Cavern News Network begins?

Well, I put my hat in the ring and created a new neighborhood called the Cavern News Network.  I left a message in the imager stating that “we” are looking for photographers, videographers, transcriptionists, newshounds, columnists, reporters, and managers.  Also stated that people don’t have to give up their own neghborhoods to be affiliated with the CNN, so I will have to keep the neighborhood public.  Not a problem, but still figuring out how to get the KI to give permission to multiple visitors to post to the imagers.   Perhaps people can visit the CNN Bevin as a place to pick up the latest news and gossip before they head out to their adventures.  Considering the changes that will be happening soon, don’t know how many people will have visited the CNN Bevin, or how many messages I will get.  I need to check my PM’s and see if anyone has responded.  Also need to remember my KI number to put on this website.  Need to post something to the message boards about CNN.  I really want to be in the cavern when everything happens.  Got my video recorder set up, got the time figured out (note to self: add Cavern time to Smartclock!), now I just need to reach D’mala.  I got an “invitation link” from another cavern-dweller, but I couldn’t reach D’mala when I tried the link…  I touch the book, everything blacks out, but then I am standing exactly where I was before.  Now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to solve the problem (get help solving the problem) in time for The Big Event.  Hopefully, someone will be recording it.  I may have to wait for the chatlogs after all.  sigh.


~ by Kestr'l on December 18, 2006.

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