CNN lost?

In my attempts to make the Bevin public yesterday, I may have inadvertently deleted the neighborhood and created a new one.  The new one was called the same as the old one, but with a “(1)” appended to the end.  Still can’t make it public.  Is it possible for the DRC to block certain neighborhoods from being public? I will have to look into this before progressing any further.  Note to self: POST about what I’m trying to do!

I discovered there is a CCN, Cavern Communications Network yesterday.  Honestly, I’m not trying to steal their thunder as much as I am trying to use what T-shirt designs have been provided to us in the wardrobe and apply it to life in the cavern.  It’s just a natural mapping – t-shirts w/CNN -> news -> Cavern News network -> wearing the T-shirts to identify yourself when you are filming/taking pictures for posterity.  Maybe it will become an unwritten convention…?

Read some other journals yesterday and apparently there are some soccer balls in various ages, left by some of the DRC techs I assume.  I would love to get to see them in person!  The balls apparently have some D’ni written on them.  Perhaps there is one in every Age.   What if there are 5 balls, and each of the mesages make up an entire message?  Will have to run this theory by other explorers.


~ by Kestr'l on December 18, 2006.

One Response to “CNN lost?”

  1. Checked it out – apparently the message just says “D’ni Soccer Ball” – some of the DRC linguistics guys are having a joke at our expense! Oh well, my previous Myst experiences have made me look for a puzzle behind every ball!

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