Bahro – dangerous?

John Lynch posted a blog entry about how possibly dangerous the Bahro are, and that the Great Link, as it’s being called, is a show of the Bahro’s power. I wasn’t there for the Great Link, so I can only guess the emotions that people must be feeling. However, nobody was hurt – everyone was sent back to their personal Relto.

There is every indication that the bahro mean us no harm. In fact, if we are to believe Yeesha, we have actually freed one of them by going through the Journey. If we free one of their own, then can’t we rightfully be called allies or friends of the Bahro? Perhaps we really have freed thousands of them and they coordinated the Great Link – yet perhaps they were actually protecting us? D’mala is inaccessible, and Ae’gura shows indications of a recent earthquake – the wall, the same wall that fell while Phil Henderson was climbing upon it, has fallen down even more. Perhaps there are other areas that were damaged as well, though I haven’t seen any yet.

Unlike John, I always thought the Bahro lived in the linking tunnels. More interesting to me, though, is why the linking tunnels even exist at all. They appear to me to have been written into the Ages by Yeesha. That’s the only explanation I can think of, because I doubt that Kadish, for instance, would permit a Bahro den so near his precious treasure vault. What are the deeper implications of these vaults? Is there another purpose to them? I hope we can revisit them with more knowledge later on in the journey.


~ by Kestr'l on December 21, 2006.

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