Changes in the Cavern

So the event came and went, and brought along changes in the cavern. From witnesses, there was a bahro scream and then everyone was linked to their Relto! The D’mala shard resonated with some unknown force until it shattered. When everyone linked back in to the cavern, things had changed. Nobody had their KIs any longer, and there were other subtle changes.

From my own explorations of the cavern today after the big event, I noticed several differences. Most of them were concentrated in the neighborhood I was in – the neighborhoods did get mixed up, but people are so fast repairing them, it’s like there was no problem at all. A lot of things were missing – the water in the fountain was off, no left-side imager, the telescope was gone, and so was the ‘heek table. I didn’t see Eddie, the beach ball, or the typical fire marbles either. Oh, and the auditorium was blocked off for some reason. I could jump the first barricade to get on the balcony, but the auditorium was inaccessible.

When I finally linked to the city, it looked as if the wall by the docks had been knocked down even more. You could see the other side of the dock, with some sunken ferry vessels. I think some people were able to get over to the other side, but I didn’t explore it that much. Didn’t see anyone in the city square, over the top stair barricades.

The Takotah rooftop has a hardhat up there! That was nice to find. Kept me safe while exploring Gahreesen. I explored it with Analord, and retrieved my first Bahro pole. Analord showed me a cool trick in Teledahn – if you jump on the broken bridge on the other side, it will fall and complete the circuit – I totally didn’t know that! So we got Gahreesen working, which was cool.

Earlier, I explored Kadish alone, and ran into a brick wall – Maybe I took the wrong steps on the “disco” floor?

My Relto is looking better and better, and my city book is filling up with all sorts of links. I can’t wait to gather up some more.

The cool thing about neighborhoods is, even if you don’t know anyone, you can shout out to them and someone will be willing to help you out. It says something about the D’ni and Yeesha’s ideals that this works so smoothly. Even communities on the surface are not as helpful as the Gathered!


~ by Kestr'l on December 21, 2006.

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