D’ni and the GUE

I realized why I love Dn’i so much. It feels like I have walked into the text adventures of my youth – the “trapdoor” that leads you into the “cellar” and beyond, the discovery of new places at every turn, the sense of exploration, and the fact that you’re underground most of the time – all very reminiscent of the Great Underground Empire. Heck, the waves lapping at Ae’gura could be the sound of the shore of Flathead Ocean. The contraptions of Zork III, the deeper meanings of that part of the saga, all touch me in the same way that D’ni and the ages so far have. I’m also reminded of some of the best Interactive Fiction worlds – any of them could be an Age… and they really are being “written” as it were. Perhaps when the D’ni visited Earth, some of them interbred with us humans, and that Dn’i creative spirit still lives in some of us. Or perhaps we are prototypical Writers in a sense, just waiting to reach the same dizzying highs and lows that the D’ni have already experienced. Either way, I feel that both of these experiences and narratives enrich and inform each other, and I have realized an even deeper connection to the City an myself.


~ by Kestr'l on December 28, 2006.

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