Yesterday’s quick visit…

After some on-the-surface Christmas celebrations, I returned to the cavern to see what was going on. There was a message on my KI saying that the imagers had been brought back online, which was nice to see. The creature comforts that we have gotten used to are finally coming back! After customizing my Relto a bit, I headed over to the City to see what was up. There were a lot of people, but I couldn’t get withing speaking distance to about half of them. Then I realized that people have figured out how to hop the barriers to the City Square and people were hanging out on the other side.

As I was standing there, someone started speaking what I thought was Italian. I always get worried when I hear another language in the cavern because I don’t know if I’ll run into someone who speaks English. There are explorers from all over the world visiting the cavern now, and some groups have even started specific neighborhoods for their nationality…

Before the holidays, I had a long chat with Ian A. Pertwee in my Relto. We ended up standing by the Well, with my reward stones slowly circling on top. It was raining, but we didn’t mind. It felt refreshing and reminded us that we were alive. It never rains in the Cavern, obviously, though the combination of the large body of water that Dn’i is built upon and the high, high cavern ceiling could possibly generate some weather. I also thought that rain would make my trees grow faster, but Ian told me that the soil of each Relto affects the growth of the trees. We had a good chat, discussing our previous experiences in the pantheon of Ages that make up the Myst cosmology. It was only after chatting with him for nearly 30 minutes did I realize he was Italian. His English was flawless, and I wouldn’t have known until he said “divertissement” instead of “diversion” or “fun” in the course of the conversation. His experiences with the Myst “games” made by Cyan that chronicle the history of Atrus and his family varied greatly from mine because the translations to Italian were rough or nonexistent. Ian said that he helped translate Myst and Uru-related documents for the Italian fanbase. Talk about dedicated! I have a chatlog here somewhere on my KI – I’ll have to get it out and see if there were any interesting multicultural jewels in there.

Back to yesterday, I explored the city a bit and realized that the Pub had a gaping hole in the ceiling! I could have sworn it wasn’t like that when I left… I met Trock at the top of the Great Stair, and I told him I was going to the Guild of Greeters’ Bevin to see what was new – GoG being a great neighborhood for the latest gossip, etc… they keep people posted there in shifts. As I went to the Pub to examine it again, I realized that Trock had decided to come along with me. He said he had never noticed the hole either, so we went to the GoG with a new question. We saw Budgie and Mike Dev there, and asked about the ceiling, but nobody had noticed when it had happened either. So still no official word about the hole… maybe the Christmas all-day party got a bit too crazy! Trock and I were about to explore some of his Ages and help him complete Yeesha’s Journey, but then I was called to the surface abruptly.

It’s strange when the Cavern and the Bevins start to grow on you, when visiting feels like a homecoming of sorts.

I have yet to convince my wife to travel down to the Cavern with me, but then again she’s expecting! Perhaps after the baby is born, we can travel down together (Hmm, have to be creative with child care for that!) , and she will see for herself why I enjoy my visits to the ancient city so much.


~ by Kestr'l on December 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “Yesterday’s quick visit…”

  1. *waves* Hey, that’s me! Mom, I’m on TV! Well, on a blog. 😀

    Just to nitpick, the italian translations of the first four Myst games were good (Riven in particular – great voice acting). Myst V was the one treated unfairly (no voice acting, just subtitles), along with the documents in the Cavern.

  2. Hey Ian! Nice to see you here in blogspace. Thanks for the clarification. Do you have an Uru blog too?

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