Gallery doors open now

So Kadish’s Gallery is connected to the rest of the city now.  This is certainly something I’ve not seen before in any of my other trips to the Cavern, ever.  It’s kind of strange, though, because it locates the Gallery inside the City, and it makes it feel… mundane.  I liked how it was disconnected from the rest of the City, so it could have been anywhere – another island, etc.  Of course, if you looked at your Great Zero bearings, you could figure out where it was located.  It was like the six feet from the barriers to the door were this immense gulf between the Gallery and the rest of the City, reduced now to something less than trivial.  There wasn’t even a neat discovery on the circular walkway or evidence of why it was blocked off in the first place.

I’m underwhelmed.  I guess I thought that the arbitrariness of the barriers implied there was something there — but now it seems like it was there just to prevent people from reaching the alleyways.  Shame on you, DRC!


~ by Kestr'l on January 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Gallery doors open now”

  1. Shorah! I wanted to let you know that the barriers weren’t there to block access to the alleyways. The doors had been broken and according to Michael Engberg, it even looked as if the doors were broken deliberately.
    It remains odd that there were barriers though…

  2. Just had a thought about why they might have been broken – when the gas began flooding D’ni, perhaps Kadish broke his own gallery doors, to prevent others from trying to escape into his personal treasure Age. Kadish broke the doors, fled to the farthest reaches of his personal Age, and sealed the doors – all in a vain attempt to escape death, surrounded by his treasure. That sounds reasonable, knowing what we know of Kadish.

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