CNN and friends

I went down to the Cavern for a short time this past week.  I ran into mark1221 and we went in search of the fabled island relto page.  Unfortunately, before I could perfect my island-jumping skills, we were both called away.

In other news, some of the Gathered have shown interest in my Cavern News Network idea.  I am collaborating with one individual in particular, discussing the structure and goals of the organization, and hope to have something avaialbale to the public soon.  Certain glitches in the DRC’s adaptations of the Nexus system have prevented me from making my CNN hood available to the public.  I hope Engberg can fix this particular glitch soon, but I hear he’s hard at work on the Great Zero.  I can’t wait to hear that thing humming again!

It’s really neat how the community works – I thought maybe the CNN idea wasn’t so great, but then I got a PM expressing interest in it at the crucial moment, which renewed my enthusiasm for the endeavor!   I won’t mention names at this moment, but you know who you are, and I want to express my appreciation (again) for your interest.

On a related note, there is some contention about the DRC liasions and their necessity in the scheme of things….  I, for one, think they are a valuable, if underused, resource, and I have even had some aspirations to run for the position sometime in the future.  So, for both of those reasons (evn though one is slightly selfish), I hope the DRC will keep them, and I will support them if the time comes to choose a side.  At the same time I hope it doesn’t have to come to that


~ by Kestr'l on January 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “CNN and friends”

  1. Actually, I think it is Laxman, not Engberg to work on the Nexus and the Great Zero. Engberg is a structural engineer. But I like the CNN idea!

  2. Thanks for the correction… I noticed the mistake when I was reading logs yesterday of Laxman repairing the imagers…. Thanks for the feedback on the CNN idea – you can now check out the Bevin about it.

  3. Actually, strike that. For reasons I will go into soon, I’m no longer doing the CNN idea anymore.

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