Exploration of Eder Delin

Yesterday, I checked out what was going on in the Cavern and I was excited to see a Ki-mail from the DRC saying the Eder Delin book had been distributed to all the neighborhoods. I picked a Bevin at random to check it out – I chose the D’ni Museum of Art because it’s such a catchy name. Seeing a new Age in so long was exciting to me, so I wanted to tell you all my impressions.

Eder Delin is a small rest age, with several architectural features in common with Eder Kemo. The covered structures are the same, as is the floating sculpture. There is even an obelisk in an intersection, but without Yeesha’s symbol carved into it. In fact, I couldn’t find Yeesha’s symbol to be prominent in Delin at all. Descending a flight of stairs leads to a beautiful fountain, an original feature in this Age. Combine the fountain and the dusky atmosphere, and you have a rest Age that is sure to become popular with paramours and romantics alike. While the man-made (D’ni-made?) structures are similar to Kemo, the flora is completely different – bushes, shrubs, and some tall, thin trees that may have some relation to the behemoths in Kadish. It looks like it is continually autumn in this age, with red leaves drifting down to the verdant ground. The stone of which this Age consists is quite fascinating in and of itself – the rock seems to have been carved by wind or water, creating cantilevered, unattached buttresses arcing out like a version of Hokusai’s famous wave, frozen in time and worn smooth by the ceaseless weathering of natural forces. There didn’t seem to be any fauna of any kind, which makes me wonder if Shomat demanded the xenocide of more than one rest age, and a reminder of the violent origins of some of these ages prefixed by the D’ni word for rest.

In various places in Delin I found blue, diamond-shaped cloths with a shell symbol on them. They lit up entirely when pressed, unlike the Journey Cloths most explorers have come to know and understand. I found the blue cloth’s coloring to be at times difficult to distinguish from the shade of the stone walls. Eventually, I found 7 cloths in all, along with a mysterious door. An Explorer, wewi, was there in Delin too, and I didn’t notice him sooner because he had been staring at this door the whole time. He told me that when I pressed the cloths, different symbols appeared on the door. After some experimentation, we discovered that each cloth creates a unique door glyph. He also said it seems to make a sequence when he touched the door. We tried touching the door and entering the cloth sequence with me running around Delin, touching the appropriate cloths. Nothing happened. After several trials, wewi had to leave, and so I too left Delin for the time, returning to the Nexus, where I contemplated my next step.


~ by Kestr'l on January 22, 2007.

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