Expedition to Eder Delin: No Explorer Left Behind

(Continued from Exploration of Eder Delin)

My next step was to visit the Uru Obsession Hood – they always know what’s up. I went directly to their Delin to see what was going on. After chatting with Ian, who has been an invaluable resource in learning even more about the Cavern, I realized that Eder Delin was an exclusively multi-Explorer age, a first in the Ages we’ve been permitted to explore (a dedicated explorer could “solve” the other Ages solo, but exploration was much easier with fellow Explorers). They had their hands full in the UO Delin – there were so many people that they had to shout to be heard, which threw off their coordination efforts. As I was just one more person adding to the clamor, I returned to the UO Bevin, but not before I got a good sense of how to unlock the Age. Now all I needed was to get 7 more people interested in working together.

I visited the Guild of Greeters Bevin next, where I ran into LegoAddict. I asked if anyone was interested in going on a Delin run, and he said they had just spent six hours solving the Age and he was exhausted. He suggested that I visit the city and recruit some people from there.

I linked into the city and shouted, “Anyone who wants to see what’s behind the doors in Eder Delin, meet me at the docks!” and waited for people to show up. Amazingly, it only took about 5 minutes to recruit 7 people. My group was: Cross, Calpurnia, maziac, rupert, Tiger, Intrepid, and Aussie. During the course of our expedition, Nanouk, Bobo, wewi and Shiloh all ended up helping us out. I told the group to put me in their Ki buddy list in case they got lost, and to meet me in the D’ni Museum of Art’s Bevin (again, because it was easy to remember). We met up there, and our sudden spike in the Bevin population attracted some more people as we prepared to link into Delin.

A little side note here: It wasn’t until later that I realized DMoA was a German-language special group Bevin, not a general public Bevin, and a little while after that that I thought perhaps the sudden appearance of a dozen or so American explorers who promptly ran to their book room and linked to their Eder Delin book without permission might have the potential to offend the Bevin members… Suffice it to say, the next time I lead an expedition, even to a public Bevin, I will be sure to get permission (or at least attempt to) before using their books. I sent an apology to wewi once I realized this. I haven’t heard anything back, so I think everything’s okay.

On with our expedition…

When we got to Eder Delin, I told everyone to explore the age and find a cloth. I stood by the door, and had them all press their cloths one at a time to see which number went with which cloth. After some practice, we did a real sequence run. We got the sequence right the first time! We were so excited. About 3 of the group got in and I was waiting for the rest of them to enter (I would go last), and the door started closing again! About 5 people total managed to get into the door. I PMed them with a request to come back and help the rest of us get through, and they were extremely responsive and understanding. The people who had waled through the door saw it as being opened, whereas the others and I still saw it as closed. Strange – some dimensional shifts goign on here? Whatever it was, we agreed it would be better to leave the Age and come back before trying again.

The second time around, it was harder to get the door to open for some reason, but we improved on our communication. As I called out the numbers, they would press the cloth, wait until the cloth was fading, and then say “ok”. This seemed to work, and everybody knew to make a break for the door. I waited for everybody to go through the door and waited until the very last moment to go in myself. Just as the door was closing, I saw Intrepid running to the door, shouting “Wait!!” I pounded on the door, angry at myself for not making certain everyone was accounted for before I went in. I stayed near the door and shouted through it to Intrepid, telling her not to worry, that I would get everyone back together. I walked back to the end of the tunnel that was behind the door and automatically linked to an orange cavern. There was another disc piece for the Well in Relto. No explanations, though….

After collecting the reward, I contacted everyone, again. I went to the DMoA Bevin to wait, and not too many people showed up… I was getting apprehensive, because Intrepid had told us that she needed to get to the surface very soon. Then someone suggested that we visit Delin, and everyone was already back, waiting at their places, ready to help Intrepid get through the door. I was touched that these virtual strangers who had already earned the reward would come back and help another explorer. I made sure Intrepid was right by the door as we prepared to open the door again. I told everyone, “Just take it easy, we have plenty of time. Let’s do this right for Intrepid!” Everyone cheered, and Intrepid laughed. We had gotten the hang of opening the door by now, so it didn’t take too long this time. Intrepid got to travel to the Cavern and she, like the rest of us, has a memento of our expedition.

Every time I visit Relto, and see that part of the disk, I think back to the Delin Expedition and my commitment to have “no Explorer left behind,” how a group of strangers bonded and became something more in that Age. The ties of friendship were forged and a deeper appreciation of the “whole and its parts” gre in each of us. Some other explorers have had troule with Delin groups, likening it to “herding cats.” I had an overwhelmingly positive experience, and would explore again with any of my group in a heartbeat.


Some timer later after the expedition, I found out that the linking from the door didn’t go so well for rupert, who was dropped unceremoniously back to the surface – the byproduct of an aborted link. Sometimes these things happen and nobody, not even Laxman, can explain them. He was physically fine, however, just a little frustrated. Everyone had dispersed at that point, and I was about to leave myself. I told him everything he needed to know about Delin, so he could lead his own group to victory. I haven’t heard from him since. Hopefully, he’s doing alright and has since complete Delin.


~ by Kestr'l on January 27, 2007.

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