Return from the Surface

School’s been kicking me hard for the past two weeks, so I was glad to finally be able to visit the cavern again. I picked up the dock for my Relto (The place is finally starting to look like home!) and I even found a never-seen-before Relto page, the bench! Now, if I could only get the moon/stars page that Phil Henderson (godspeed, wherever you are) gave to us, it would be a perfect place to consider the duality of life. Looks like two people can sit comfortably on the bench, so my visitors will have a nice place to sit and chat the next time I have people over. Which reminds me, I miss talking to Ian, I’ll have to invite him over sometime soon…

In Teledahn, I found the alcove where Sharper kept his spy room, but it’s long since been taken away. With rumors of Sharper coming back, I’m sure it will be re-used sometime soon. What kinds of new choices and alternatives will Sharper’s presence lend to the Explorers? Only time can tell. I would personally like to meet him once and shake his hand. His past is checkered, yes, but I believe he is a greater force for good than people give him credit for being.

I also discovered a new Sprite in Kadish. It was in the Pillar Room – I didn’t press the reset buttons on any of the puzzles, so I think I may be able to run all the way back through it the next time I visit.

The Sprite sings! If you stand close to it, it plays a haunting multi-note melody that sounds like a water harp or crystal. When I touched it, I felt the familiar warmth and my Relto glowed once again. This one’s shell has the stylized/primitive D’ni 2 on it. I feel bad for the people who are just starting their journeys to the Cavern, since the first one has since disappeared, and it looks like they’ll have to wait until next January to get it again!

Once again, I’m glad I have arranged extended funding for the long-term commitment the the Cavern requires. This time next year, I wonder what I’ll be talking about here… who knows what this year will bring? The DRC are releasing another Age this Thursday (or soon afterwards) which will hopefully fill the other half of my second set of stone rings. I can’t wait!

The public Library is open now, but no books are there yet. Some interesting notebooks, but that’s it. Good luck trying to get in, though, as there seem to be several “instancing” dimensional effects there – people are disappearing, reappearing; some people witness the doors as being closed and others see them being opened, and people are even seen floating in the middle of the central shaft! I’m not a superstitious guy, but maybe someone needs to do an exorcism on the Library? Or perhaps Engberg could do a calibration of whatever causes the instantiation phenomenon?

Tweek, et. al. had a sit-in to demand the DRC Forums be brought back. I wanted to be there, but alas, with everthing in surface life, I was unable to reach the cavern at the appointed time. Even though initial reports seem to indicate it was much less successful than hoped, the sit-in and Engberg’s petitioning did, ultimately, end in victory, and the forums were restored. Congratulations, guys! The DRC history should be preserved. We lost Uru once, let’s not lose a single piece of it again.


~ by Kestr'l on February 12, 2007.

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