Laxman’s Forecast for Delin: Chance of Snow!

I noticed Victor Laxman was on, in a particular Delin. Robert Caine told those of us in the GoG bevin that only two or three Delin hoods exist… One of those being the Great Tree. I went to TGT’s bevin, linked into their Delin, and nearly bumped into Victor Laxman as I was linking in!

I managed to get a log of the last part of the conversation :

(02/16 17:24:02) Kestr’l: Dr Laxman, You mentioned that there may be snow in Delin, is that correct?

(02/16 17:24:53) Victor Laxman: I’m not predicting the weather necessarily. Just watching the pressure change.

(02/16 17:25:10) Victor Laxman: But there could be changes.

(02/16 17:26:04) Victor Laxman: I’ve got to leave. I’m afraid I’m on call. I’ll try and get back later. Cheers!

This is great news in and of itself. But then I talked with Monkeyboy, and he said Nick had visited and exchanged our Tsogahl book for Delin. He said that maybe 1% of the bevins will get this change, and we are #7. So it’s a small honor has been bestowed on our humble Bevin – I predict there will be many explorers traveling to see the snow in our Delin!

In other things, Laxman confirmed that the journey cloths “are not DRC related” -no surprise there, but nice to get official confirmation.

Laxman actually answered one of my questions, too:

(02/16 17:21:37) Kestr’l: Dr. Laxman, explorers like myself have so many questions to ask you… would it be possible for you to give a guided lecture on a particular age someday?

(02/16 17:22:22) Victor Laxman: I’d enjoy that at some point. Cate would prefer us to get the kinks out before we take such a break.

There you have it, folks – the future possibility of a guided tour by the expert himself! I think he answered my question because I didn’t drill him with the “Cavern scandal of the day.” I would love to see some fruit from his response in the future.

Right after that, as I was typing this up, Nick White showed up, and everyone began asking him questions. Nick displayed his personality, but didn’t give up new information except that yes, Sharper is coming, and no, things won’t be the same. This probably means no cool jackets for TGT, but who knows. He did confirm what Laxman was saying about the snow coming to Delin soon. Lastly, Nick informed us he was single and tried chatting with Heaven, but she was too absorbed in accessing her KI to notice him. After many jokes about being ‘d’nied’, Nick left us to visit another location.

Almost right after he left, someone pinpointed Wheely (Engbergs’ niece) as being in a Delin. I’m about to go see if I can meet her too.

Amazing: I met two DRC members tonight! Wohba!!


~ by Kestr'l on February 17, 2007.

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