More on Museum Ages (or why i haven’t gotten the pie slices yet)

With a busy Surface life, I find it difficult to be in the right time at the right place to enter the portals for Negilahn and Dereno.  I rely on the Negilahn Calendar to see when the next portal will open.  Dereno’s, I’m told is a few hours later.  Unfortunately, my times to be in the Cavern and the portals have not aligned yet.  I’m glad that I have the books on my shelf, as I can reach them anytime.  Getting 8 people together and coordinating them is easy compared to waiting around for those portals, so I’m not ashamed that I haven’t already gotten these slices.  In due time.  And since the only thing that seems to not be permanent is the Calendar Stones (and to a lesser extent, access to Eder Delin), I’m not too worried about it.

By the way, my Bevin (Monkeyboy’s) has a Delin book.  Contact me if you’d like an invite, as I understand it is hard to find a Delin that is not being used in the Public Hoods listing.  Perhaps hoods with the Delin book could arrange a reservation system.  They meet with a hood representative at the appointed time, and after 8 people entered their book room, the hood member could close the doors to the book room, so they could have it to themselves.  If the doors could be opened by anyone on the inside, even better, because the hood rep wouldn’t need to wait for them to finish to let them out.  Some of us Explorers are Managers, and so I’m sure this idea would appeal to them, and give people the peace and quiet (i.e. no need to shout) to solve the Delin Age.


~ by Kestr'l on April 1, 2007.

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