Thoughts on the Museum Age and Calendar Stone Discoveries

Cate brought down a map that explains the arbitrariness of the Pods and the “Portals” that are appearing.  The first surprise is that the pods are all links to the same planet.   I thought they were linking to entirely disparate worlds at first.  All we’ve seen of the D’ni’s Writing capability (besides the City itself) are just small playgrounds, but this map tells us they can describe entire worlds with Writing, complete with geographical features, flora, fauna, an ecosystem, and more.  Naturally, the D’ni would want to explore different parts of the planet, hence the Museum Ages.  Ages are not just disposable, one-hit wonders; they exist within an even larger matrix of reality.  Just like Earth, you could spend a lifetime there documenting even just a small corner.

About the portals: The pod locations are nicely numbered on the map, and looking at them explains the disparate times that the portal appears – it is related to the time of day, or the passing of a particular point on the planet’s surface across some exciter or trigger… I remember reading somewhere that the Cartographers liked to build a calibrating machine like the Great Zero in Ages where they wanted accurate measurements…. Perhaps the portal is the Pod interacting with the neutrino beam of this Surveyor’s Machine as it sweeps across the entire globe?  Or maybe it’s an atmospheric phenomenon, like the Aurora Borealis.  Both possibilities intrigue me.

I also stuck around tonight at Eder Gira, to see if I could see the sprite/sparklies move to another location (it seems to move on the 1st of every month — oddly enough, in our month system, not in D’ni’s! – perhaps indication of Bahro observing us in our own culture?  Or… evidence that the DRC is behind the calendar stones?), but it stayed there past “midnight” on the surface.  However, I had trouble linking out – getting back to my relto took an unusually long time, so perhaps the Sprites link to other location using the same methods that we do?

Looking forward to checking out the next Pod, this one might be the key to everything else.  And perhaps we’ll finally get the GZ working.  Maybe the GZ’s hypothetical sister emitter will interact with it somehow.  Who knows?  I can’t wait to find out.


~ by Kestr'l on April 1, 2007.

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