Pods and more Pods

I’m finally free enough to invest the time to get the Pod’s rewards. Yesterday I linked in just in time for Payiferen. I saw the sign, shimmering in front of me, but could only pas through it. No link! I think the portals are connected somehow to the pod’s power. If the power is off (as it was yesterday) perhaps the portal appears as expected, but doesn’t have enough power to instantiate a link? Worth exploring. I should have all of them by the end of the day, I need to camp out in Testonot to make sure I don’t miss that one. Anyone care to join me? 😉

In other news, the Bahro opened up a section of the Great Shaft via a linking tablet. Reading Dr. Watson’s words again, and his encouragement to take a leap of faith still echo back to my first visit there, the cavern deserted, myself so young and full of hope. Once again I took the leap of faith, but the results were substantially different. As the ground rushed toward my feet, I had the distinct impression that something was wrong. Realizing my trajectory was going to drub me against the opposite wall before dashing me on the exquisitely tiled floor below, I panic-linked out. Perhaps the first time was a hallucination? Perhaps the Path of the Shell has been lost or destroyed. I don’t know, but I know I won’t be trying that stunt again for a long while.

I was reading Whilyam’s blog yesterday on Urublogs and he mentioned that Cate’s visits to the Caverns “answered most of his investigations.” Curious, I visited his blog proper and discovered a list of current mysteries in the Cavern. I believe I’ve seen this previously but gave it little attention. Then it occurred to me: If his investigation questions are being answered, where is he posting the results of said investigations? I’m sure his insights would make a great blog entry or even news article for TCT or D’net, even. Maybe I’m just missing his updates somehow… At any rate, I think a list of investigations is a fine idea, something every Explorer should consider doing. Keep up the good work Whilyam, and be sure to let us know what you find out!


~ by Kestr'l on May 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Pods and more Pods”

  1. Hi.

    As soon as an investigation topic is resolved, I take it off the list and make a post about it under the tag for Investigations.


    For most of these, I don’t think I have logs, but they’re all from public meetings so I’m sure the logs are out there.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. I enjoy reading your entries and admire your earnestness in investigating. Keep up the good work!

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