The truth behind the Pods

I just spent a good 15 mintues in the watery grave of a pod known as Tetsonot.  Waiting in the red standby half-light, listening to the creaks and groans of the structure around me and feeling droplets of saltwater hit my head, I was struck with the sense of wanting to link out immediately – something is very wrong here, and I don’t want to be around when it all goes south.

Then it hit me:  the pods are  an exercise in meditation and consideration and were chosen to tell us something.

You must observe as you wait – you see the eerie lack of fauna in Negilahn, the lessons in stark contrast in Dereno and Payiferen, and the unease and disuse of Tetsonot.  Something is not right here, on this Age.  What used to be a museum has turned into more of a mausoleum.  Something happened here -three of the four pods show various signs of attack, wrought externally – N is split open, P has what appear to be “bullet holes”, T has obviously been damaged and moved from its original location.  Something wanted in to these Pods.  Why would Yeesha give these Ages to us to look at and examine, if not to teach us something?

All the signs of the Pods point to the fact that a damaging presence has visited that  Age.  Yeesha told us, “Destruction is coming. Find a way. Make a home.”  The pods are a harbinger of things to come.  Yeesha is warning us, urging us to learn from the D’ni’s previous mistakes, and letting us see firsthand the effects.  We must prepare for what is to come.  We must survive through cooperation and communication.  We must protect D’ni.


~ by Kestr'l on May 3, 2007.

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