Some thoughts

Has it really been almost a month since the death of Wheely?  It’s hard to believe.   I haven’t been to the cavern much this month at all, mainly becauae I am so busy, but also because the deaths in the cavern have cast a pall over my visits there.  Last time I went, I discovered another kiva in Minkata and found the Sprite, but couldn’t find any of the glowing glyphs in the darkness.  There are boots rumored to be in one of the kivas, but I’ve yet to discover them.  I didn’t really like Minkata all that much – after understanding the “puzzle”, the actual work of following through what it entails just could not hold my interest.  For the sake of completeness, I will finish it eventually, but only because I’m a completist.

So there is a new buzz of activity that says the DRC will release some new Age this Saturday.  I hope it can give some succour to us, still hurting from the wounds of the last DRC outing.  I don’t understand why they want us all to become PTSD victims, with such heavy and heady occurrences in the cavern when the restoration is just beginning.

This whole Bahro war is strange too – why are they in the city?  Why do they care?

I’ve also neglected Uru Search for the past month – I should give it to someone who can give it the attention it deserves.

Here’s to hoping a better experience this time around…


~ by Kestr'l on June 20, 2007.

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