Finally back

After finishing up a major project, I decided to give the Cavern a visit.  They’ve turned on the Great Zero, so there’s a cool blue line running through the City.   Apparently, it also enables the Zero to communicate across Ages, because we can put marker quests in every Age we’ve visited. Vortmax had the brilliant idea to make a marker quest for Minkata, so you just follow the markers to the Kivas.  I figured out the mystery of Minakta by myself, but I was only able to find the first and second Kivas, so I didn’t feel bad when I used Vort’s marker quests to find the others.  We must use all the tools at our disposal to enhance our explorations.  Come to think of it, the DRC, whether intentional or not, made a brilliant move by opening up Minkata ot the public before the GZ was calibrated.  They had Explorers running around in that place for a month, reporting all sorts of discoveries, getting lost, basically keeping busy while the DRC hibernated away…  i see the marker quests as being a kind of “you’ve run around in this puzzle for long enough, now we’ll throw you a bone…”  much like the belated map that explained the relationship between the Pod Ages.

Perhaps I won’t have to revisit that place again for a while.  Too much dust and sand fro my taste… Though I must say, I love the night sky and the sense of wonder it inspires.   The ephemereal music is also amazing – Where does it come from?  Maybe the music is the soundtrack my subconscious generates as I explore?  Nah, there has to be a better explanation for it than that…  Anyway, I hope the DRC can capture that music onto a D’ni music stand.

I also checked out Er’cana – things have changed a bit since I last visited there.   The Shell cloths are Green.  There is a mysterious hovering hologram  in one of the canyon alcoves.  I got some truly alien foliage for my Relto…. Don’t know if pine trees, deciduous fall foliage, grass, overgrowth, and now what look like mold spore stalks in one place are really a coherent decoration statement…  I’m actually getting enough options to give my Relto definite Moods – maybe I should have a costume party in my Relto and decorate it to match?  That coudl be a lot of fun!

Other changes in Er’cana – the train seems to have been added onto by the DRC – there’s now a blinking light that blinks red… eye candy, or meaningful?  I’ll have to wait until I can get inside the complex to be sure.  I’m looking forward to feeding that algae and seeing Kodama’s machine working.   Speaking of machines… I hope to see that weather machine from Delin someday.   Speaking of, I need to stakeout the Beginner’s Bevin and find the dude who can give us back our Delin book!

The Watcher’s Sanctuary is also open, and it seems that it will be the central meeting place for future meetings with the DRC.  The maximum population counter used to say 5000, but it recently got adjusted down to a more reasonable 100…  A shame, though – I’d love to have seen it filled with that many people!

I’ll probably be back down there later this week.  It’s just a shame we have to wait for ahnohay – Looking forward to that head trip!


~ by Kestr'l on July 2, 2007.

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